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Writing of Woo Myung - The Way For Mankind To Live Well

The Way For Mankind To Live Well

-Heaven’s Formula For Saving The World – p198

Man must first gain true consciousness if mankind is to live and do well.

The true consciousness is the mind of God, which is righteous. The more human civilization develops materially, the more developed a country becomes, the higher the incidents of crime, drug use, and suicide. Sweden and Denmark, arguably two countries in the world with the highest quality of life, have the highest rates of suicide in the world.

The results of a happiness index showed that generally less developed countries received higher scores for happiness. Those whose minds hold a lot of falseness chase false things until they eventually die. When people come to their ‘original senses’ or rather, when they become the original mind, people are less busy. This is because even while they work, they do so with a secure mind – the mind of oneness. Therefore, they are able to work without stress or difficulties because they do not have human minds.

Many people from Communist societies in the past were dedicated to the Communist ideology in order to receive recognition. Only later, after they received awards and decorations, did they realize that these accolades are meaningless. Living for others is a true accolade that never changes or loses its luster.

A person who has come to his true senses and has become Truth will live for others.

If all of mankind discards their selves and lives resurrected as Truth, all people will live a life of one, a life of caring for others. This is the way for all mankind to live well.

– Woo Myung –

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