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Writing of Woo Myung - Among The Ordinary There Is The Extraordinary

Among The Ordinary There Is The Extraordinary

- The Way To Become A Person In Heaven While Living – p40

Just as there no trees In place that are too high People who believe they are the greatest Are like high mountains where trees cannot grow For they have no one around them One who has a large open mind without self Can accept everything One who is Truth without self Achieves ultimate love and intimacy with people He loves all Has great mercy and compassion And treats others with great love And without even the mind of having done so, he saves people Accepting everything with the original mind Without discernment or judgment Everything lives within him Among the ordinary there is the extraordinary A distinguished person thinks only he is excellent and supreme But the ordinary person can accept everything With the greatest mind And lives With the extraordinary and remarkable wisdom of the Creator He who lives in harmony With the people in the world With true love Is the extraordinary one But on one knows this man is extraordinary One who enjoys being exalted Cannot live in harmony for only the is excellent He is the foolish one For he lives with his own standards of What is good and what is bad An extraordinary person is one who is reborn as Truth A foolish person is one who is not reborn as Truth To live well means to be reborn as Truth and to live as Truth To live poorly means to die All is one He who is liked by everyone He who has no thorns, no ill will, in his mind He who sees everything as it is He who sees others just as they are even with all their faults And he who has no mind of his self Is the extraordinary one

Among the ordinary is the extraordinary The ordinary is The greatest, the most distinguished, and sublime perfection But no one knows this For there is no one who is truly ordinary One who is ordinary can accept everything For he has a large, open mind

– Woo Myung –

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