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Simple Illustrations in Ink and Pencil, Expressing World of Truth

When Woo Myung gives his talks, he uses simple line drawings to clearly explain the mind world. During his speeches, where his earnestness and passion is evident, a circle can always be seen drawn on the whiteboard. The circle represents the Universe which cannot be drawn. He began using illustrations as a tool to help people better understand the principles of the Universe and the theory of meditation.
Woo Myung’s illustrations in pen, ink, and pencil are as clear, direct, and simple as his narrative. To some, their simplicity may seem like the scribblings of a child, but within them are contained the depths of the complete world and life after becoming Truth.

Image_Woo Myung illustrations_01.jpg

가지고 있구나.  놓고 있구나.

One who possesses.  One who is liberated from possessions.

Image_Woo Myung illustrations_02.jpg

용이 나와 하늘을 연다. (龍出開天)

A dragon will appear from Heaven’s opening.

Image_Woo Myung illustrations_03.jpg
Image_Woo Myung illustrations_04.jpg

모두가 하나라. 참 자체이고 살았다.

All are one, they are the Truth itself and living.

Image_Woo Myung illustrations_05.jpg

세상 너머의 세상.  다 살았구나.

World Beyond World. Everything lives.

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