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Woo Myung’s Stop Living In This World, Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness, Live There Forever was a #1 Bestseller in 10 catagories at It is ‘ideal literature’ because it guides the way to the ideal world that can be realized when we change our human mind to the mind of the Universe.


In simple and clear language, Woo Myung explains profound and spiritual matters such as life and death, what is real and false, the human mind and the mind of the Universe. They are written “with only the wish for all people to shed their suffering and burdens, and live life born as Truth that is a great freedom.”


There have been many articles in the international press about Woo Myung and his books. Here you can read some of those articles about him and his #1 bestselling books.

Stop Living In This Land Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness Live There Forever

Image_Stop Living In This Land Go To Eve

Through this book, Woo Myung tells us that when one cleanses his mind and changes his human mind to the mind of the Universe, he will gain wisdom, live a better life and his mind, or spirit, will live eternally. It guides the path for people to achieve human completion, and the way to live with true happiness with the true mind.
The English edition was ranked No. 1 on the Amazon Bestseller list in 10 categories, including meditations, Self-Help, and philosophy, as well as ranking No. 1 overall for a period of time. Woo Myung was also selected as one of Amazon’s best authors in several categories.

Where You Become True Is The Place Of Truth

Image_Where You Become True Is The Place

Am I – the current self that exists – real?

Is the world I am living in, the real world?  It is a false world when one lives in his own self-made mind-world with a false mind, and when one discards the illusions and lives with the mind of the Truth, it is the real world.

Woo Myung says, “Falseness is false even when it appears similar to the Truth,

and it is false even if it speaks of the Truth.  The Truth is only the Truth when one is the Truth.” Through this book, the author speaks of what the Truth and falseness are, the way to differentiate between the two, the meaning of human completion and the ways of the true world, as well as the way to become the Truth and live with wisdom. Explained in terms that are simple and easy to understand, he explains that true happiness can only be found when our minds become true and we live as one with the world.

The Way To Become A Person in Heaven While Living

Image_The Way to Become.jpg

Why are we born, where do we come from, and where do we return to after we die? These fundamental life questions which everyone asks themselves at one point in their lives are answered here in this book. As the direct title tells us, “How To Become A Person Of Heaven While Living”, we must reach the heaven we dream of while we are still living this life, as it is not a place that we automatically get to after death. He also tells us that this is the reason and purpose of our birth and earnestly urges us to travel that path together.

Heaven’s Formula For Saving The World

Image_Heavnes Formula.jpg

Emptying one’s mind is to recover one’s original nature and reach the world of true happiness. The only formula to get to that world – the formula to save the world that Woo Myung speaks of – is clearly laid out in this book. It is discarding one’s body and mind from the Universe, and discarding the delusional Universe that exists as a conception in one’s mind, leaving only the pure Universal emptiness that is the Truth. When one is reborn as the mind of the Universe that is the emptiness, the place he is in is the world of happiness. The way for all mankind to live happily and as one with the world is clearly explained in this book.

The Living Eternal World

Image_The Living Eternal World.jpg

Which entity lives eternally? It is none other than the pure Universe emptiness that existed before the beginning and which will exist after the world disappears. The Universe emptiness is filled with energy and light that cannot be seen with human eyes. This energy and light is the body and mind of the Universe and it is also our origin. Woo Myung tells us that anyone can be reborn with the body and mind of the Universe when they cleanse their self-centered human body and mind. When this happens, even if their physical bodies may one day disappear, the consciousness will live on eternally. Throughout the book, Woo Myung speaks of the everlasting and never-changing true mind and the true world.

World Beyond World

Image_World Beyond World.jpg

What is the mind? What does it mean to “discard minds” and how can we discard our minds? The book answers these questions through 144 discourses on the topics of self-entity and life, the mind and the Truth. “The fundamental solution to resolve all worldly conflicts peacefully is to change people’s consciousness to the consciousness of the Truth” says Woo Myung, who through this book, speaks of how this can be done, and explains the limitless and eternal spiritual world one arrives at after one becomes the Truth. A question and answer section is also included from meetings held with academics and religious leaders.

The Enlightened World

Image_The Enlightend World.png

The poetry of Woo Myung, who tells us, “The man is the Truth and the Universe; all things are one.” As the beautiful verses are read and savored, it is possible to naturally enlighten to the fact that once one cleanses his minds and escapes from his conceptions and habits, and only then, is it possible to live with wisdom in a world of oneness and heaven.

Nature’s Flow

Image_Nature Flow.jpg

A collection of poetry with descriptive verses of the author’s childhood, lyrical depictions of nature, and sincere, simple statements about enlightenment. Topics include nature’s flow, enlightenment, nature, and life in the author’s inimitably simple voice. All poems were written after the author achieved the Truth. A beautiful poetry collection showing that true poetry comes only when one writes from the place of pure consciousness.



Writing that guides the reader to great freedom – the kind of freedom that allows one to live life and yet not dwell in life; to the path of living a life of wisdom. Each line of each poem was written with the hope that each reader will begin to live with the mind of the Universe, soothing and purifying readers, and helping to guide people to the true world.

The Book Of Wisdom

Image_The Book Of Wisdom.png

Presented in a question and answer format based on questions presented during an interview with journalists, the book explores a variety of questions about the right way to live, existence, the mind world, philosophy, and science. In the book, Woo Myung states, “cleansing one’s self is to eliminate one’s self completely, and this is the way to truly discover one’s true self” and the book contains his enlightenments about existence and the principles of the Universe.

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