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Writing of Woo Myung - Calmness


- The Book Of Wisdom – p336

Calmness is to be the same. Calmness has no hierarchy. Calmness is togetherness, and it has no airs. Calmness is to be same on the inside at the outside. When there is calmness, no one lives in poverty. Calmness includes all people. Calmness is nature’s flow. In calmness, there are no conditions. In calmness, there is no one who is superior or inferior. In calmness, all people live good lives. Calmness is to become one with others. Calmness is not a life lived how one pleases. Calmness is a life lived for others. In calmness, there is no boasting. In calmness, there is no gossip and rumors. In calmness, there may be discontent, but it abates quickly, and calmness is the unification of the whole. Calmness is to live well.

– Woo Myung –

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