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Writing of Woo Myung - Abandon


- Nature's Flow - p220

It is with great earnest that I say to you, abandon your attachments; abandon your discernments; abandon what you know; abandon your pride; abandon anything and everything in your subconscious that moves you; completely remove the fundamental roots of all of your thoughts.

You will not die if you abandon them. You will not lose if you abandon them. You will gain something greater. If you do not abandon them you will never reach enlightenment, nor find your self that is at peace. You will be Buddha if you reach enlightenment, so why is it that you do not abandon them? You lived creating enough kleshas in your mind, those futile delusions. What good have they done you? Why are you unable to let go of them when they provide no aid or benefit? Let them go immediately. Do you intend to continue fighting your kleshas?

Be simple and innocent. Be like a child. Be a person that knows nothing. Abandon your curiosity. Do not be cunning. Abandon wealth and prosperity. Such things are what sicken you; they are your worst enemies.

There are steps that must be taken for all things. Thus if you wish to reach enlightenment, you must take action by abandoning the things you have, for unless you do, you will never reach it. If you still do not wish to let go of them, let us consider the countless people who have departed before you: Are the heroes of the times or the eternal saints still alive now? Is there anything that is indeed eternal?

They are all futile dreams of the past. So truly let go of all that is yours – those pointless things – right now. Once you do, you will find your eternal self, which is a priceless treasure you must indeed find while you are alive as a human being. This is something that cannot be done unless you are a humane being, and opportunities do not come often. If you do not let go now you will lose this chance for all eternity. Time will not wait for you: Who will you blame when you are without enlightenment?

– Woo Myung –

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