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Online Meditation Events

 Online Meditation Events was born out of our world-wide meditation organization. We began in 1996 and now have 350 centers throughout the world 40 of which are in the USA.

 Starting in early 2020 we began putting meditation sessions online. When we saw how effectively it was working and the interest in our programs from people all around the world, we knew we had to share this with everyone, so we added more programs. We are extremely happy to see how well received our events have been and how well our meditation translates to the online format.


 Online Meditation Events has a staff of 72 members 95% of which are volunteers working to run our events and create new ones. In addition we are supported by the many members of our world-wide community to assist when needed and offer one on one guided meditation to those interested.

Free Daily Meditation

Guided Live, and Tailored to Your Needs

Image_Better Sleep Meditation.jpg

Better Sleep Meditation

TUE 12:00 AM, 10:00 PM

THU 10:00 PM EDT

Better Sleep is a guided meditation series to invite a restful night's sleep. Experienced guides will lead the meditation with an effective relaxation technique to release thoughts, melt away tension from the day, and sleep better.

Image_How to Meditate.jpg

How to Meditate

WED 10:00 PM, 7:00 PM

SAT  3:00 PM EDT

Let’s meditate to overcome the invisible obstacles in the mind that block us. Those subtle thoughts that prevent us from living our best lives. Cleansing the mind will make you feel lighter, energized, and ready for anything!

Image_Inspirational Meditation.jpg

Inspirational Meditation

TUE 10:30 AM

THU 10:30 AM EDT

Inspirational Meditation sessions are your daily dose of inspiration, motivation, and fulfillment in life. After reading inspiring words of wisdom and a short guided meditation, you will be uplifted and ready to take on the day.

Image_Kids Meditation.jpg

Kids Meditation


Kid's Meditation is an interactive and fun introduction to a simple meditation to help your child overcome challenges and become a truly happy, self-confident, and compassionate individual.

Image_Live Home Workout.jpg

Live Home Workout

WED 3:00 PM

SUN 12:00 PM EDT

Wondering how to get in shape at home? Try our easy, no equipment workouts. Stretch and strengthen every muscle. Stimulate your heart and circulation. Feel invigorated, relaxed, and stronger every day with Live Home Workout.

Image_Meditation for Beginners.jpg

Meditation for Beginners


Take the first step toward a better life with a simple, practical method. Join us for a fun and interactive virtual conversation. Learn how to release worry, stress or anxiety. Find peace and relaxation.

Image_Meditation for Older Adults.jpg

Meditation for Older Adults

WED 10:30 AM EDT

Meditation for Older Adults is the place where you can let go of all your anxiety and stress. It is the most joyful meditation event in our lineup. Where you find the wisest people and learn the principles of purifying the mind.

Image_Meditation for Stress Relief.jpg

Meditation for Stress Relief

MON 10:00 PM

SUN 10:30 AM EDT

Stress relief meditation can improve health, increase focus and attention, and help you easily handle challenges and demands of daily life. Learn to get rid of those nagging worries and experience an amazing transformation.

Image_Nature's Flow Yoga.jpg

Nature's Flow Yoga

MON 12:00 PM

WED 12:00 PM

FRI 12:00 PM EDT

Beginners and experienced practitioners will benefit from this class. Gentle yet effective postures are used. A highly effective meditation method will enable you to find your true nature and clear your mind.

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