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Meditation is

Throwing away the false mind​​.

Truth is within Me,

The Land of Truth is within Me.


Mind world

which overlaps

the world.


If you spread this and illustrate, one lives in the false world which is his mind world. People live somewhere else other than the world.

•  One has curiosity, questions,

    doubts, pain, and burden.

•  Falseness knows neither falseness nor Truth.

•  One disappears when he dies because he is              false.

•  One can only go to Truth when one discards his      self and the false world.

Image_Land of Truth.png

Go to Truth.

Born in the land of Truth

and eternally never die.

•  One has no curiosity, questions, doubts,

    pain, or burden.

•  He is always happy.

•  Truth knows both falseness and Truth,

    and also knows all the ways of the world.

Humans are incomplete,


Image_False World.png
Image_False Self.png

Humans are incomplete 

because they live in their mind world 

which is the karma, habits, and body.

When you discard this, 

Truth is within you, and the land of Truth is within you.

Image_False Self.png

Karma :  My life lived which is

                 ① Throwing away remembered thoughts.

                 ② Throwing away the images of myself and the images of human relationships.

                 ③ Throwing away my body.

                 ④ Throwing away my body and the universe.

                 ⑤ Throwing away my body and the universe.

                 ⑥ Myself disappears and becomes the universe.

                 ⑦ Eliminating my negative mind, the life lived, and the thoughts.

Habit   :  Eliminating Hwan (illusions of the mind)

Body    :  Eliminate

 When the karma, habits, and body disappear,

the Soul and Spirit of the universe remains in one’s mind.

The land that is born again from here is the land of Truth.

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